Our Mission

Fill animals’ nutrient gaps with purpose and predictability


Do what needs done

Act with reliability, flexibility and speed to meet the needs of animals, customers & employees.

Solve big problems first

Deliver better value by filling the biggest nutrient gaps and solving customer’s most important issues.

Stand on truth & proof

If we say it, we always stand behind it. We honor our promises and make products with proven value.

Protect safety & quality

Anything worth doing is worth doing safely and to the best of our abilities, ever single time.


Proving our performance & value


Our research and technical teams have a combined 70+ years of experience in animal nutrition.

Meet the team.


Multi-species in vitro & in vivo research in collaboration with world-class universities and industry-leading private research facilities.


Iso-elemental and Iso-methionine studies to prove that positive results are driven by our complexes, not higher mineral or methionine levels.

Reducing Energy Use

Liquid complexed minerals eliminate the need for the high energy use of commercial drying.

Reducing Landfill Waste

One tanker truck = 720 bags of minerals, eliminating 720 bags + shrink wrap and pallets.

Recycling Totes

We use rebottle totes designed for potable water, made with recycled steel cages.

Recycling Water

Water used to cool one manufacturing reactor is used to charge the next, then diverted for agriculture use nearby.

Corporate Responsibility

Conserving resources and meeting customer goals.

Global Presence & Partners

Countries and counting

Manufacturing sites, in the US and Australia

Distribution partners in Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand & Mexico