Highly bioavailable zinc methionine complex with proven performance

Zinc deficiency in beef affects over 3,000 biochemical pathways in the body. Zinmet® chemically bonds zinc to the limiting amino acid dl-methionine, for a trace mineral complex that provides compound benefits.

Zinmet® complex has been proven in research to:

Increase ADG
Increase Feed Conversion
Increase Immune Response

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A combination of zinc methionine complex and manganese methionine complex

Manganese deficiency can negatively impact skeletal growth and connective tissue. By chemically bonding dl-methionine to both manganese and zinc, Liquitrace® ZM helps address three common deficiencies with one product.

Like Zinmet®, Liquitrace® ZM helps support:

Increased ADG
Improved Feed Conversion
Skeletal Growth & Health

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A combination of zinc methionine, manganese methionine and copper betaine complexes with a cobalt sulfate

LT4® combines three trace mineral complexes with inorganic for convenient, cost-effective supplementation.

LT4® helps support:

Increased ADG
Proper Immune Function
Reproductive Health

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