Convenient blend of zinc methionine, manganese methionine and copper betaine complexes and a cobalt sulfate

Benefits of LT4®

  • Supports immune and reproductive health
  • Helps maintain healthy mammary tissue
  • High absorption & utilization
  • Adaptable to different feeding regimes

Liquid Mineral Advantages

  • Less expensive than comparable dry products
  • Better dispersed in the ration
  • Improved sustainability - less energy, no bags, no dust
  • No cost to the customer for LT4® dispensing system
  • 4.38% Zinc
  • 2.43% Manganese
  • 1.52% Copper
  • 0.31% Cobalt

In a summary of trial data conducted at university and private research facilities, LT4®:

Greater Milk Production
Increased Milk Protein Concentrations
No Corresponding Reduction in Milk Fat Concentration