Liquid Mineral

Owning our entire supply chain means our products never leave our control until they’re in your hands.
  • Sourcing

    All ingredients carefully sourced to meet our strict quality requirements.

  • Manufacturing

    Every US product manufactured in our Amarillo, TX facility.

  • Delivery

    Our bulk tanker trucks never deliver anything but our products.

  • Application

    Custom application equipment installed by us at no cost to customers.

  • Service

    Dedicated technicians monitor, maintain and service our equipment.

Dry Mineral

A controlled supply chain and trusted drying partner ensure our powders deliver as promised, every time.
  • Sourcing

    All ingredients carefully sourced to meet our strict quality requirements.

  • Manufacturing

    Minerals are first complexed in liquid form in our Amarillo, TX facility.

  • Drying

    We monitor the drying process to ensure finished products meet our highest expectations.

  • Transportation

    Our own trucks control our product to the drying facility and back to ours.


Custom-engineered to deliver the full value of your mineral investment

Precision Dispensing

Dispenses as little as 1/4 lb per ton of finished feed, up to 5,000 lbs of liquid per batch with accuracy within 1%.

Rugged & Weatherproof

Gasket-sealed controls & sealed connectors operate in 0-120°F (-18 to +49°C).

Remote Monitoring

Alerts our service team when tank temperature or usage levels fall outside of normal range.

Our own employees maintain, monitor and service our dispensing equipment – not a third party.

Meet the Service and Delivery Management Team

John Etheredge


Justin Vinyard


Service and
Delivery Team

Dedicated support, delivered with speed

Quality & Safety

We believe quality and safety are one and the same – we can’t deliver one without the other.

Product Quality
& Safety

Our vertical integration and frequent testing for the safest products with the best possible performance.


Samples are taken & retained from incoming ingredients, production batches and delivery lots.


Stringent testing program evaluates mineral content, complexation, pH, specific gravity and heavy metal concentrations.


Products never out of our control until they’re in customers’ hands.

Stringent Safety

Independently audited to meet safety and sanitation requirements that exceed industry regulatory requirements.

Ongoing Third-Party Audits

Routine independent audits conducted to renew certification, with a recent audit scoring a perfect 100.

Employee Training

We have 5+ PCQI Certified employees at all times, and all employees who touch our products are Qualified Individuals for Food Safety.

Quality & Safety

A Safe Feed Safe Food Certified Facility

Employee Safety
& Quality

We don’t just talk about the safety and satisfaction of our people, we invest in them.

Safety Leadership

Giving every employee the time, training and tools to do their work safely and with the highest quality.

Stable Workforce

Low turnover means more experienced employees making our product and serving our customers.

Extensive Training

30 hour OSHA training for all production, service & transportation employees, as well as ongoing monthly online safety training sessions

Safety Recognition


National Safety Council Superior Safety



Perfect Record Award

18 years without a lost-time incident

US Department of Labor SHARP Award

Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program

Texas Lone Star Award

One of only 15 award recipients