Zinc, Manganese and Methionine Complexed Trace Mineral Supplement

Bioavailable blend of zinc methionine and manganese methionine trace mineral complexes

Benefits of Liquitrace® ZM

  • Improves feed conversion
  • Enhances immunse response
  • High absorption & utilization
  • Adaptable to different feeding regimes

Liquid Mineral Advantages

  • Less expensive than comparable dry products
  • Better dispersed in the ration
  • Improved sustainability - less energy, no bags, no dust
  • No cost to the customer for Liquitrace® ZM dispensing system
  • 4.64% Zinc
  • 4.64% Manganese
  • 21.8% Methionine

In a summary of trial data conducted at university and private research facilities, Liquitrace® ZM:

0.3 lb Increased Broiler Body Weight
4 pts Improved Broiler Feed Conversion
0.34 lb Improved Turkey Tom Breast Yield